• Photo by Ben Woods - Criminal Investigator Cody Sartor speaking to the Linden Lions Club last Thursday.

DA Criminal Investigator Cody Sartor talks about recent training

Cass County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigator Cody Sartor spoke at Linden Lions Club, Nov. 2 about his recent training. 
“I am a recent graduate of the National Forensics Institute which is in Hoover, Alabama which is paid for by the United States Secret Service,” said Sartor.
Sartor spoke about the new tools that are now at the disposal of the District Attorney’s office.
“We know have full digital forensic evidence capabilities in office, so we are processing cell phones, computers and all sorts of removable media such as GPS units,” said Sartor. 
Sartor explains what type and how much evidence there is to obtain from devices in that are used for crime. 
“There is a vast amount of evidence that resides in all of our electronic devices and nearly every crime that you can imagine has some form of digital evidence attached to it, from the guy that is buying narcotics that is usually texting or calling his drug dealer, he is driving back and forth some place when gives us geo location data that is stored in your phone and vehicles which is some critical information,” said Sartor. 
Sartor talks about what type of investigations that they have been utilizing the equipment for. 
“Here more recently we have been doing a lot of sexual assault investigation and child pornography investigations, it really has changed the way that we are able to work these crimes,” said Sartor.
He speaks about how this has changed the time frame of getting the evidence off the devices so they would be able to prosecute these criminals.
“In the past when we would collect these devices we would have to send them off the other crime labs, now these crime labs would take six to eight months, maybe three if you pushed them really hard and it was a very important case and that is for a cell phone, if we sent a computer it could take years, now it can almost be done overnight,” said Sartor. 
“As an example, we had a child pornography case, when we were able to examine an evaluate the evidence in that case and the next day present it to the defendant it led to an immediate confession,” said Sartor. 
“Having that evidence right there in your hand that you can confront someone with was amazing, especially when we are able to recover deleted files, when he said well its only happened that one time we can say no for matter fact is has happened 1,037 times it makes a big difference,” said Sartor.

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