• Photo by Ben Woods - Judge Barbara McMillan swore in Amy Varnell as the Cass County Clerk on Nov. 1 in the courtroom of the historic Cass County Courthouse.

Varnell sworn in as County Clerk

Amy Varnell was sworn in as the Cass County Clerk on Nov. 1 in the courtroom of the historical Cass County Courthouse to fill the unexpired term of the previous county clerk, Jamie O’Rand. 
Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Barbara McMillan was the official to swear in Amy Varnell. 
Varnell thanked everyone attending for coming to the event. 
“I want to thank each and every one of you to come out in this terrible weather to be here today, ya’ll know what this means to me, I waited a long time for this and I don’t mean just since the day the court appointed me but sometimes our plan is not gods plan, so I feel like it worked out like it was supposed to, I want thank Randy Lee an opportunity in his office when I left here to stay with the county,” said Varnell. 
Varnell is a native of Linden, Texas. She is married to Barry Varnell and they have one daughter. 
Varnell began working for the county in Jan. of 1994 under county clerk Wilma O’Rand, so she has been with the county over 23 years. 
She spent a little over two years at the District Attorney’s office as a victim’s assistance coordinator. 
Varnell will be running in the upcoming election in March for the county clerk position. 
When Varnell was asked what the most important duties of the county clerks she responded, “Keeping the public records and having them accessible to the public and that I think is the most important and election would run a close second.”
“People don’t understand what goes into putting on an election, the preparation and it is a lot of work it starts months before the actual Election Day,” said Varnell. 
After the first of the year Varnell plans to have the clerk’s office open through the lunch hour where in the past it was closed for lunch.  
“When you have people that take their lunch hour to take care of their business and then go to the place and it is closed it make it hard on them, we are a county office and we serve not only the citizens of the county but even people out of state,” said Varnell. 
“I want to have a county clerk’s office that the citizens of Cass County can be proud of,” said Varnell. 
Varnell plans to continue the preservation process of old county records.
“Restoring the old deteriorating records is important and that is something that Mrs. O’Rand and Mrs. Mitchell did and I will continue that,” said Varnell. 
“I feel like I am back at home because I started here when I was 21 years old and so this was like home,” said Varnell. 
“I enjoyed my time at the DA’s office and I learned things about the criminal justice system,” said Varnell.
Varnell has worked or known the ladies that are currently employed in the clerk’s office. 
Varnell hired a new employee, Kelly Petty, for the clerk’s office and she began Nov. 1. 

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