Linden City Administrator update by Bob Swisher

Linden is headed into fall with a lot of items on the schedule.  Our economy is growing, although at a small rate we were up 2% in sales tax last year and would like to double that this year.  When you can buy local, please do buy local.  Literally by investing your sales tax in your hometown, instead of another city, you allow us to keep property tax lower and provide more services.  Buy your gas here before you head out on a trip, pick up what you can at the local stores and grocery.  Shopping in other towns may not be that great a deal after you add gas and time to the bill.  Let’s strive to make Linden’s businesses succeed and grow.
We have had a rash of sewer blockage.  They come from flushing items, such as baby wipes, down the toilet.  Baby wipes or paper towels along with grease from cooking, make an absolute plug.  The baby wipe will flow until it catches a snag then sits there and collects grease making the world’s toughest clog to get out.  Your neighbors downhill from you (we all know what flows downhill), will really appreciate you not sending grease and foreign objects down to back sewer up into their house.  Save greases in an empty jar and just dispose of it in the garbage after it is cooled, never flush anything put toilet paper.  
 Just as a reminder; we have a leash law.  Your dog cannot run free even if he wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Other pet owners want the right to enjoy walks and time out in the park and public areas without having to deal with your dog.  The weather is great and people are getting out and walking more and the park is the perfect place for a walk with your “leashed” dog.  
Fall fest is in the park this weekend come out and shop and play Sat November 28 from 10 to 5.
Trunk or Treat will be on the square on Tuesday 31 October from 6 to 7:30 bring your little ones out for some good safe fun.  There are going to be some new organizations with trunks and it should be interesting.  If you are an organization or individual who wants to open a trunk and see a bunch of smiling faces we always have more room for more trunks!
Linden is a great place to live, work and play.  We are looking forward to the Christmas season and are trying to draw in more shopping and selling opportunities with our Pop Up Business week from Novemeber 25th to December 2nd.  We are going to keep Linden buzzing and want each Lindenite to make an effort to come out.  Go to for details on events.

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