• From left Criminal Investigator Trey Massey, Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Smith Morris, District Attorney Randal Lee, Congressman John Ratcliffe, Criminal Investigator Cody Sartor and Assistant District Attorney Nick Ross.

Rep. Ratcliffe visits Cass County Law Enforcement Center

Congressman Ratcliffe visited the Cass County Law Enforcement and Justice Center to speak about a bill that authorizes the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) to train local law enforcement officers. 
“Today I had an opportunity to visit with Cody Sartor who is a recent graduate of the National Computer Forensics Institute, it is a facility down in Hoover, Alabama who is training our law enforcement on the latest digital techniques in handling digital evidence,” said Congressman Ratcliffe. 
Congressman Ratcliff spoke about why this is important to him.
“I am a former federal prosecutor and this is something that is near and dear to my heart and now as a member of congress I am the chairman of the cyber security subcommittee on homeland that has jurisdiction over these issues.”
Congressman Ratcliffe spoke about what the bill means and how it has progressed through the house and senate and is on its way to becoming a law.
“One of the exciting things that have happened is both the house and the senate have now passed my bill Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act which authorizes into law the National Computer Forensics Institute so folks like Cody and detectives and prosecutors and judges from all around the United States can go down to Hoover, Alabama and be trained by the United State Secret Service in the best digital techniques for handling digital evidence that is needed to prove crimes,” said Congressman Ratcliffe.
Congressman Ratcliffe spoke about what the bill will put into action. 
“What the bill does is it authorizes the NCFI into law which means that the money will be segregated and allocated specifically for that purpose so that the facility is able to operate for the next five years and know that it has the funding to train literally thousands of people in handling digital evidence which will help make our communites safer when we have these tools available to our law enforcement,” said Congressman Ratcliffe. 
He also spoke about the importance of the bill.
“The world is getting increasingly smaller in terms of everything being internet connected and we are going from some ten billion internet connected devices to 50 billion, so how that has impacted law enforcement and local communities a lot of viewers would see shows like CSI where as that drop of blood or that strand of hair that is the critical evidence in proving a case but increasingly in today internet connected its geo location information on a phone or a text message that has been sent or an online purchase that has been made and like all evidence there is a chain of custody with a respect of protecting and preserving and then presenting it admissible form, so that is part of the training that takes place down there,” said Congressman Ratcliffe. 
“It allows our local and state law enforcement to have the training necessary to protect our citizens against all kinds of crime, crime over the internet is one of the fastest growing threats to the American people, so what the National Computer Forensics Institute and what they are teaching there will benefit every American.”
Before he left he thanked the law enforcement and investigators for all that they do in the community. 

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