• TPWD Wildlife Biologist Penny Wilkerson speaks before a crowd gathered inside of Jaynes Farm and Feed in Linden Aug. 15, for the 3rd annual Big Horn Hunters Deer Expo.
  • Josh Gaines, left, of Northeast Texas Farmers Co-Op in Greenville and Logan Leschper of BWI in Texarkana provided the hotdogs and hamburgers cooked for those in attendance at the Jayne Farm and Feed Deer Expo.

Jaynes Farm and Feed hosts 3rd Annual Deer Expo

Jaynes Farm and Feed Inc. hosted its 3rd Annual Big Horn Hunters Deer Expo August 15, inside the Linden store located at 1007 Texas Street, off Hwy. 125.
Logan Leschper of BWI out of Texarkana and Josh Gaines of Northeast Texas Farmers Co-Op out of Greenville handled cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for those in attendance and different door prizes were presented to various winners.
Jaynes Farm and Feed Manager Pam Henry was excited to have several people from the area stop in and listen to speakers talk about anything from hunting and fire safety to nutrition for deer to what diseases to look for in hunted game.
The first speaker of the event was TPWD Wildlife Biologist Penny Wilkerson who spoke to those in attendance about deer tags and limits, correct clothing to wear while hunting for safety sake and different diseases you may encounter while hunting deer such as rabies, the blue tongue virus (BTV) or chronic waste disease (CWD).
Wilkerson is based in Cass County but runs tests on animals area-wide. Wilkerson said to date that she has run more than 10,000 tests between Cass and Bowie counties and each one has been negative although she stated she will be on the lookout because CWD has been detected in deer across the Arkansas border close to Texas which could make their way here at some point.
Michael Weerts of our local Texas A&M Forestry Service spoke on keeping deer camps clean of debris and making sure if you camp out that your fire is situated in a safe place surrounded by rocks for containment and to have dirt on hand to cover the fire if it gets uncontrollable. 
The forestry service is called in when situations cannot be handled by local firefighters alone, but Weerts stressed the importance of calling your local departments first so they could size the situation and make the decision on what’s best.
Geno Banks, owner of Deer 365 out of Arkadelphia, talked about proper nutrition for deer and how a deer’s immune system can affect the animal enough for the deer to give up hope. He stressed giving them what they need to get them healthy.
Bluebonnet Feeds Sales Consultant Amanda Glenn also addressed the crowd about Trophy Maker Antler Blaster which is designed to support muscle and antler development of bucks and support does throughout pregnancy and lactation.
Of course Jaynes Farm and Feed will continue the annual tradition of the Ronnie Burns Buck Pot which will name winners in January of 2018. The pot will be open county-wide. 
Participants will contribute to the pot along with their deer entry. The biggest rack, based on measuring the spread, the points and main beam, will net the hunter a 50 percent “take” of the pot with the second and third place finishers splitting the remaining part.
Aside from the Jaynes Farm and Feed store in Linden located at 1007 Texas Street, Jaynes Farm and Feed also has stores located at 202 Second Street in Atlanta and 914 East First Street in Hughes Springs.
As for hunting season here in Cass County White-Tailed Deer Archery Season runs from Sept. 30-Nov. 3; General Season: Nov. 4-Jan. 7 (Nov. 4-19, antlerless by MLDP or hunting license tag; Nov. 20-Jan. 7, antlerless by MLDP tag only); Muzzleloader Season: Jan. 8-21 (antlerless tag required only on MLDP properties). Bag limit: 4 (2 bucks and 2 antlerless, all seasons combined). Squirrel—Oct. 1-Feb. 25 and May 1-31. Daily bag limit: 10. Turkey—Eastern Spring Season: Apr. 15-May 14. Bag limit: 1 (gobblers only).
White-Tailed Deer Youth-Only: Age Restriction: ONLY licensed hunters 16 years of age or younger are eligible to participate in youth-only deer seasons. Youth Hunting License (Type 169). 
Early Youth-Only Season: Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 28-29, 2017. All legal hunting means and methods are allowed, except in Collin, Dallas, Grayson, and Rockwall counties, where lawful means are restricted to archery only (no crossbows except for youth with upper limb disability). 
Late Youth-Only Season: Jan. 8-21, 2018. The season is open in all counties where there is a general open season for white-tailed deer. All legal hunting means and methods are allowed, except in Collin, Dallas, Grayson, and Rockwall counties, where lawful means are restricted to lawful archery equipment and crossbows.

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