Clay Waldon ready to turn archery inside-out

Living in the pineywoods region of Texas gives the residents thereof an opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest. 
Hunting and agriculture has blossomed into school studies like FFA and trap shooting, but archery is quickly making its way into the pineywoods realm.
Both Queen City and Atlanta school districts offer kids the opportunity to join archery classes.
While it will be new to most of the children, Clay Waldon already has a leg up on others.
Clay’s home course is at Twin City Bowhunters on the Arkansas side of Texarkana where he competes monthly with archers from the Ark-La-Tex region.
Clay recently competed in the Texas Archery Shooters Association (ASA) State Tournament which was hosted by the Irving Bowhunters Association Club in Dallas July 15-16. 
Archers had a total of 30 3D targets to complete with the top three best scores placing. 
Clay, who was in the Middle School Pins Male class, finished with a score of 372.
ASA archery events are 3D tournaments. Archers shoot a course that contains twenty 3D animal targets. On each animal there are scoring rings which are worth 14, 12, 10, or eight points. A shot that hits the 3D animal outside the scoring rings is awarded five points. A shot that misses the animal is counted as a zero. At the end of each round, the points are totaled for a final score. 
Clay, who is the son of Jason and Shelly Waldon of Atlanta, will compete at the Arkansas State Championship in Hot Springs July 29.

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