Vehicle purchase discussed; judge seeks to dispel rumors

During the Cass County Commissioners Court workshop last Thursday Sheriff Larry Rowe discussed a purchase of two vehicles from another police department at a discounted rate.

“East Mountain Police Department in Upshur county went out of business due to failure of money so they had several vehicles for sale -- the vehicles we are looking at are two Tahoes,” Rowe said. “They are completely loaded and rigged up with about $18,000 worth of equipment. One is a 12’ model and the other a 14’ and both have around 80,000 miles on them and they want $38,000 for both of them.

Rowe said that he and County Judge Becky Wilbanks spoke and agreed that if they went ahead and bought these vehicles he would not ask for new vehicles in the next two budget years. 

“One new vehicle rigged up is about $38,000,” said Rowe.

Also during the workshop, Wilbanks sought to dispel several rumors that have been circulating about the county. 

“The piece of property that is located in Maud that belongs to Cass County Community Supervision and Corrections Department still belongs to the Cass County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, they are a state agency not a county agency,” said Wilbanks. 

“The commissioners court or the judge did not purchase a Tahoe for ESD (Emergency Service District) number two,” said Judge Wilbanks.

“The land behind the building (Justice Center) we have not purchased, it does not belong to us and all the land around our campus belongs to someone else,” said Wilbanks. 

“I do appreciate that someone came to me with these issues because I will address them up front and dispel rumors when we can and that’s why I wanted to report that here,” said Wilbanks. 

The court also discussed appointing Shirley Baker to serve another two-year term from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31, 2019 on the Board of Trustees of Community Healthcore. 

“I know Mrs. Shirley, she is a good lady,” said Commissioner of Precinct 3 Paul Cothren.  

“She does a good job and we appreciate her service,” said Wilbanks.

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