Opening of bistro, art gallery planned for Linden

Anna and Clay Edding are working on completing both of their dreams by opening a bistro and art gallery they have named The Linden Public House. 
Anna has dreamed of opening an art gallery and her husband Clay has dreamed of opening a restaurant, so it made sense to put the two plans together. 
“We don’t just want it to be Linden or Cass County supporting us, we want to support the community as well, we want this to be a mutual partnership between us and Linden,” said Anna.
When the business opens they plan to have tapas (appetizers) and local wines as well as other beverages. 
“We basically want to start with small plates and then expand from there and eventually have a full-service bar,” said Anna. “It will not be a bar, not a pub, not a fancy Dallas restaurant. We want to celebrate Linden culture and celebrate the community.” 
“The big focus is going to be a farm-to-table concept where we source as much as we can when available from local farmers.”
Artists will be able to bring their pieces in for consignment. 
“This will also be an art gallery space -- we will have a low rate consignment for artists and we want local artists to be able to sell their work here,” said Anna. 
The house they bought to become The Linden Public House was originally built by L.L. Harper in 1920 and Harper established the Cass County Title Company, which is still on the courthouse square in Linden. The Eddings would like to have the house designated a historical building, but have been unable to locate any old photography of the property. 
They would like to keep the house as period-appropriate as possible. 
“We don’t have any historical photos of the outside of the house and that is what we need. We would to just like to have them, but also to get any type of historical designation from the state and I think it would be beneficial for the house and community,” said Anna. 
“I think the house and because of who L.L. Harper was is very significant to the community.”
L.L. Harper not only had a title company that was established in 1913, he also served as the county clerk and judge in Cass County. 
“We are open for suggestions from people in the community and what they would like to see,” said Anna. They encourage anyone who has photos to contact them through their website, on Facebook, or to call Clay at 214-335-3467.

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