Linden Library’s interior nearing completion

The Linden Library will hopefully be ready for books by the end of July after a seven-year process of preparing the building. 
“My goal has been to get the inside so we can get it up and going and it can actually start being used, even if we don’t have the parking finished,” said Marlon Sullivan. 
In November 2010 there asbestos abatement occurred at the building the project began on the Linden Library.
The building was built in 1924 and according to Kay Stephens was the first brick home built in Linden. 
“The plan from the beginning was that we kept the building in that 1920s circa and that it would fit in with the renovation of the courthouse,” said Sullivan. “I feel like one of these days in the near future we will get a marking on it.”
The volunteers have made recent strides in getting the hardwood floors sealed and sanded.
“Where we are at is that we started finishing the floors and they got the last coat of sealant on it last Tuesday night, so we will let that set for around a week then it will be sanded, then the finish coat will be put on.” 
After the floor trim is installed the interior will be ready for bookshelves and furniture. 
“At this point we are down to, once the floor gets finished, we have some interior trim that is the final base that will go along the floor line and we will start the process of installing the bookcases,” said Sullivan.
All the mechanical work, plumbing and central heat and air system has been completed.
“I am hoping that by the end of July we would be in the process of getting the books put in that facility,” said Sullivan
The group Friends of the Linden Library will be furnishing books, furniture and computers. 
“I didn’t think it would take this long but at least 50 percent has been volunteers or has been done at reduced labor prices -- a lot of the material has been furnished, like all the plumbing fixtures, but there was some materials we paid full price for,” said Sullivan. 
When the library opens Sullivan plans to have a full list of people to thank for their help. 
The next major thing that will be done to the exterior will be parking and walkways. 
“My focus is getting the building finished because there have been several people who have been storing tons of books over the past several years and they are desperately ready to get them out of their storage,” said Sullivan.

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