• Chris Paddie
  • Photo by Christy GreenT

State Rep. Chris Paddie speaks to Cass County elected officials

State Representative of District 9, Chris Paddie, spoke to the elected officials of Cass County after the midterm elections. 
Rep. Paddie ran unopposed in the recent midterm elections. 
 He spoke about the election result, his opinion of the results will cause in politics and what it means to people. 
“Session is starting in January it seemed so far away but now it is here, election is over and the session is here.”
“I am going to give you a little of my thoughts on the election results and I am not going to talk too much about national politics mainly because I am disgusted as you are with national politics.”
“I do want to make a couple of comments about that. You here so much about losing U.S. house seats and the republicans lost the house. What folks need to remember is that in midterm elections that is what happens. Historically in midterm elections you have that shift in fact the only time in recent history when that did not happen was 2002 when George W. Bush was president and it was right after 9/11,” explained Paddie. 
“It was significant that the U.S. senate was held by the republicans and did only hold but improved in their position. That speaks well for judicial appointments which are incredibly important.”
“However this next two years is going to be a lot like other time in history there are not going to be a lot that will be done on the national level because of the gridlock.” 
Paddie spoke about the Texas house and senate seats.
“We knew going in that we were going to lose some seats. Primarily in Dallas County where there has been a huge shift over time in the demographics and lots of other things. I along with other people estimated that we would lose five or six seats in the Texas house and we lost twelve. So there is a pretty good wave that came through there, we lost all but two republicans in Dallas County. That is the lowest number of republican representatives in Dallas County since 1971,” said Paddie. 

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