Out in the Open

Things for deer hunters to remember

As you gun hunters out there prepare for the much anticipated opening day of deer season this Saturday, there are some things you need not forget to bring with you to your favorite hunting spot.
Don’t forget your current hunting license and a driver’s license or some form of identification. Bring a pin or Sharpie to fill out your tag and a knife to cut out the correct date of kill. Don’t forget to fill out the deer log located on the back of your hunting license. Bring something with you to secure the tag to the deer once filled out. Tag your deer as soon as possible, of course after you catch your breath from taking that perfect shot that brought that deer down, and your hands stop trembling from the pure rush of adrenalin you are feeling.  
Those hunters born on or after September 2, 1971, must take the Hunter’s Education Course before harvesting a deer.
Don’t be too snappy to take that shot. Make sure that the deer you are shooting is legal first. On the larger bucks, antlers must have a spread that grows beyond both ear tips. I’ve included a diagram as an example of what is legal to harvest. Prior to antler restrictions, many hunters would shoot any buck just to harvest a deer. The indiscriminate harvest put pressure on bucks of all age classes. As a result, young bucks were never allowed to grow and reach their full genetic potential for body size or antler growth.
Antler restriction improves the age structure of the buck herd, increases hunter opportunity and encourages landowners and hunters to become more actively involved in better habitat management.
Good luck to all the hunters out there. Be safe, stay legal and carry on our outdoor traditions with pride. If you want to share a picture of your prize, email me or bring it by and I will snap a picture. Tell me some details of the hunt and I will print your information in my outdoor section, because if it’s “Out in the Open,” I want to hear about it.

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