• Photo by Ben Woods - From left; Court Clerk Beverly Strickland, Chief Clerk Terri Price and Judge Barbara McMillon.

Municipal court week recognized in Linden

The City of Linden recognized with a proclamation that Nov. 7-11 as municipal court week for the municipal court of Linden. 
The mayor of Linden Clarence Burns read the proclamation on Nov. 8 in the municipal courtroom of Judge Barbara McMillon.
The week is also recognized as municipal court week by the state of Texas. 
Judge McMillon thanked everyone for taking time out of their scheduled to come to the event despite the rainy weather and spoke about the court. 
“The court is a strong advocate for safety and participates regularly in traffic safety events as a member of the Northeast Traffic Safety Coalition which is headed up by Irene Webster, she is the traffic safety specialist for TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation), and I thank her for being here this morning,” said Judge McMillon. 
Judge McMillon spoke about the awards the court has won and the amount of child safety seat checks has been performed.
“This court has won traffic awards for four years straight and we attribute those awards to diligence and public awareness to our cause, since the inception of this coalition there has been approximately 1,100 child safety seats checked and we attribute that to 1,100 lives saved, we are pretty proud of that number,” said Judge McMillon. 
City Administrator of Linden spoke at the event about what the court means to the City of Linden. 
“The court is critical for us and they do a superb job, I am a member of the East Texas City Managers Association and I tell you they have different talks and the interaction between the court and ourselves is really very simple and very straight forward,” said Swisher 
“At the same time the revenues that the fines bring in help out immensely with funding the city but more importantly the number of traffic deaths because we have Hwy 59 but the firm stance of the court can attribute that to lives saved.”
“The other side of it there are exactly zero errors or problems or challenges off their rulings coming out of here, as a city it is really nice to work with the people up here, we really appreciate your leadership and knowing there is no backup required, no question required and in my military background it’s a fire and forget.”
“The court up here operates on a fire and forget we know that there up here and we support them in each thing they do but we also know that it is a fantastic organization, once again they picked up ‘National Night Out’ this year and did a great job with that and they participated in ‘Trunk or Treat’ and their participation is very important,” said Swisher. 
Texas Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Specialist spoke about working with the Linden Municipal Court. 
“I have been around this community for a long time and I have been with TxDOT for 25 years and it is my pleasure to say that I love working with this municipal court here in Linden, we have started working with them installing car seats for kids that need car seats.”
“We involved in what we call our mature driver program, we actually had a couple of months ago some ladies come in and we fit their car to them, it was very amazing to see them and listen to them say I can see now and I can see the cars coming from behind me.”
“I appreciate everything Barbara does and everything we do together to educate the public, it is all about saving lives, it is not just about them it is about a community working together with DPS, sheriff’s office and everyone here.”
“Any project we have we all come together for the coalition and we all work together, it is all about saving lives here in East Texas and year after year it has proven we make a difference and I appreciate all you do to help us,” said Webster. 

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