Lindenites begin no-cost spay and neuter program

After seeing the issues with strays in Cass County Jenna Lockhart decided to take action and is starting a no- cost spay and neuter program.
“After two years of seeing dogs and cats run up and down the road and after seeing facebook post after facebook post of free puppies and free kittens and working at a local vet office it was a real problem – it hurts your heart,” said Lockhart. 
She is working with the local 4-H program to start and fund this program. 
Lockhart talked about how where she used to live in Arizona there were many animal control officers. 
“Where we are from it is a little more policed because we have a ton of animal control, we don’t have a million county roads that lead to nowhere, you can drive ten feet off the road and see nobody so it is easy just to stop and leave puppies and drive off,” said Lockhart. 
She spoke about how starting the coffee shop encouraged her to go ahead and start the program. 
“So when we thought we would do this coffee shop I thought this would be the perfect platform to push the program,” Lockhart explained. 
After putting the idea on facebook to see what the public thought of her idea and the county agriculture agent reached out to her. 
“Jessie (Cass County Ag Agent Jessica Rymel) reached out and said that she would really like to bring 4-H on board and see what they could do and said that we could work together.’
“I am really excited about the idea of working with 4-H and eventually extending it to other counties, other programs, other people to work with and make something happen,” said Lockhart. 
Lockhart explained that they are trying to keep it small to start and see how it develops. 
“We started with one veterinarian, trying to keep it small to start off with until we iron out the kinks and figure out a precise, efficient system,” Lockhart explained. 
For now, anyone interested in the no-cost spay and neuter program they may come to the Dark Horse Coffee shop located inside of The Front Porch store in Linden, Texas and pickup a application. 
“If people have two dozen dogs or cats it may be because people dumped them we don’t care, if you are willing to take the time to bring the dog or cat in and have it spayed or neutered we are willing to help,” said Lockhart. 
She spoke about the possibilities of extending the program to livestock as well. 
“I have had more than one person ask me about horses, so we may offer horse gelding as well,” said Lockhart. 
Lockhart explained how the program is going to be funded.
“For now we are going to try and make it a donations based self sustaining program, so at this point we have small planters in five inch pots that 4-Hers are going to paint and we will plant them with flowers and sell them for five dollars each.’
“4-H has been very generous and they are going to paint all of their pots for us,” said Lockhart. 
A local 4-H group “Linden Helping Hands” have already began painting pots to help with the program. 

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