Linden Public House is open for business

The new business will have food and drinks along with an art gallery

Linden Public House isn’t the average business; they don’t mind if you come to the back door, in fact they would prefer you too. 
“We want you to feel like you are home,” said Clay Eddings.
Clay explained the meaning behind the name Linden Public House. 
“A public house is traditionally a place to have libations and food. They are very popular and are part of the social infrastructure in Europe, predominantly the UK and of course Ireland, but in many places the public house is the focal point for the community. It is a house where people go to socialize and bring their families and have impromptu meeting or just have a bite to eat,” said Clay.
Anna and Clay Eddings moved to Linden in Nov. of 2016 from Denton, Texas and after settling into Linden they fell in love with the town they felt they wanted to open a business. 
“We wanted to move out of the Dallas Metroplex, we were literally tired of the area,” said Clay
They searched and researched for a building or structure to rent and took a leap and purchased an older home close to downtown Linden. 
“We began in May trying to find a place on the square, we did a lot of research and we found the Harper house, so many of you remember what it did look like and I thought my wife had lost her mind but we got on the inside of the house and the inside of the house was sound from a structural point of view but the outside was in very poor repair,” said Clay. 
The house has gone through a major transformation over the past seven months as it was being remodeled. 
“For the past seven months we have spent many nights and weekends working on the house,” said Clay.
The Linden Public House will serve a few appetizers and drinks until the construction of the kitchen is finished. 
Clay estimates that the kitchen could be finished in a few weeks. 
The public house will also offer grain and gluten free menu options. 
“Due to my personal dietary restrictions, I understand the struggle many have with different food and eating away from home. We are working to provide an option for everyone,” said Anna.
The Linden Public House is located on 401 E. Houston St. and their current operating hours are 3 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday. 
“We will be available for private events, we have seating for 26 plus four with the bar,” said Clay. 
Clay and Anna did a ton of research on this historic home and found something very interesting. 
This house was built in the 1910s by an outstanding Linden native Lester Looney Harper.
In Harper’s long career in Linden he served as the teacher, president of the bank, Cass County Clerk and later as the Cass County Judge 
The Linden Public House not only serves drinks and food but it also serves as a working art gallery. 
Artists can contact them through their Facebook page to have their work considered to be commissioned at the Linden Public House. 
The before and after photos along with updates of the house can be viewed on their website or their Facebook page. 
The food and drink items will change seasonally with the exception of some menu staples. 
The Eddings plan to use the farm to table aspect where they want to utilize local ingredients from local farmers. 
“We want to invite local farmers to come visit with us,” said Clay. 

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