Linden City Council special meeting

On June 15, the Linden City Council held a special meeting at the Mary Daugherty Senior Citizens Center at 6 P.M. Speaking at the special meeting was Kelly Birdwell, CPA who is a partner with Wilf & Henderson, P. C. Certified Public Accountants.

The firm was hired by the city before the start of COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdowns. While this did slow the process of auditing the city down slightly, Birdwell said that everything went really smoothly despite having to do quite a bit of correspondence via phone and email.

Birdwell stated that the financial statements for the governmental activities and business activities for Linden were found to be fairly presented. Funds coming in from governmental revenue have increased this year, while property taxes make up around 30% of revenue, and sales tax and others is also a large portion. Outgoing expenditures were also discussed with police making up a large portion, while streets, admin, and other kinds of pickups make up the rest.

Birdwell stated that the city of Linden was budgeted very well, saying that the city had a “good fund balance for a city this size.” Birdwell and her office is looking forward to continuing to work with the city of Linden and hopes that next year they will have their audit finished earlier in the year. The council did approve the audit in a unanimous vote.

Also on the agenda was a vote a nominee for Cass County Appraisal District. Rebecca Wells was nominated and was unanimously voted on by the council. Wells who is from Linden is a former employee of the Texas Department of Transportation and graduate of Texas A&M University.

Linden City Council will reconvene at 6 P.M. on Monday July 13 at the Mary Daughety Senior Center located at 50 S. Kaufman. The public is welcome to attend all City Council meetings.

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