LEDC allocates money for Linden Main Street

Defers Music City Texas Theater loan for a year

Linden Main Street Manager Allie Anderson presented a budget request at the Linden Economic Development Corporations board meeting on Aug. 15.
Anderson presented Linden Main Street’s plan of work to the board with highlighted items the Main Street board felt would be appropriate for the LEDC to fund. 
Anderson spoke about the interest in the facade improvement program and the need for funding for the next fiscal year. 
“There has been one application approved through the facade program that you funded for this fiscal year and they are currently going through the construction process,” said Anderson. “Seeing that we have people interested in this and we have two applications that have been handed out that have not been turned back in yet, so we are seeing interest and this is without me targeting specific businesses that might be eligible.
“We are requesting that you put another $10,000 to the side for the next fiscal year to continue the facade improvement grant through Main Street.” 
Allie also spoke about a possible budget line item from the LEDC for other potential projects in the future. 
“I highlighted some of the items in our plan of work that we will be doing next year that we feel would be eligible for a partnership for funding. Some of them are economic development projects such as more marketing of the downtown from a development standpoint, also marketing it for investments for new businesses -- and for that we would need to spend money on marketing materials and advertising,” said Anderson. 
Anderson spoke about funding for workshops for existing businesses to strengthen downtown and how it would be an opportunity to partner with the LEDC. 
She also mentioned that the Linden Main Street design committee is considering a signage system and utilizing the new Linden logo. “The signs would not just be downtown, the system would be strategically placed from Highway 59 and coming closer into town, and we will figure out the best route and what is the best size and appropriate fonts that will be easy to read. We are taking this very seriously. We will be talking to Texas Department of Transportation,” said Anderson. 
The LEDC board approved Linden Main Street for $10,000 available for facade improvement and another $10,000 for projects in the future. 
Music City Texas Theater Director David Hulme spoke to the LEDC board about possibly forgiving their debt of $8,000 due to money problems. 
“We have had good money problems and we have had low money problems and currently we are having low money problems. Some of our patrons have passed away and the oil business went down, so I hate to say it, but we are down to $3,900,” said Hulme. “We are looking for some relief, possibly the forgiving of the credit line that we owe $8,000 on.”
“We had gotten behind about $12,000 and we have got it paid down to $8,000 and we had made agreement to pay $500 a month.”
The LEDC board decided to defer the loan for a year to give the Music City Texas Theater time to get back on track. 

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