• L-K DECA students from front and left Kassi Blum, Karlee Bynum, Kayla Romer, Grace Broussard, Haley Palmer, Peyton Turner, Marissa Tyson, Kyndall Eudy.

L-K DECA qualifies eight for International Competition

Qualifiers from around the world joined state qualifiers from across the United States in Atlanta, GA for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) on April 21-24.  
“ICDC Competition in Atlanta was undoubtedly a life changing experience. I competed at an international level, got my feet wet, and I’m ready for next year”, exclaimed L-K sophomore DECA member Marissa Tyson. 
Eight L-K DECA members along with DECA Sponsor Billie Ruth Hankins and Written Events Sponsor Gail Dorgan joined the almost 22,000 DECA members and sponsors in attendance to the completion. In order to compete at the international competition, participants must qualify at district and state level. 
“Being given the opportunity to go to Atlanta, Georgia, through my hard work has been an experience of a lifetime. I met new people who showed ne things about where they live. ICDC gave me memories that I will cherish forever,” said L-K DECA Sophomore Peyton Turner.
International participants from L-K DECA were Karlee Bynum and Kassie Blum in Finance Operations Research, Haley Palmer and Peyton Turner in Community Service Project, Kayla Romer in Business Services Operations Research , and Grace Broussard, Kyndall Eudy and Marissa Tyson in Buying and Merchandising Operations Research. 
Each team composed a written report, prepared visuals, gave a presentation to industry professionals and answered questions regarding their report. 
After her presentation, Kassi Blum said, “DECA has made me be able to publicly speak and make new connections with people. Orlando, get ready because I’m coming for competition next year.” 
“Competing at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, was an experience of a lifetime”, said L-K DECA’s Grace Broussard. “I’m thankful for Ms. Dorgan and Ms. Hankins for their leadership along the way. I will forever cherish the moment of competition and I’m proud to represent Texas and L-K.” Sophomore Kyndall Eudy agreed by saying, “I know that tomorrow’s a new opportunity. Atlanta was a beautiful experience and I am looking forward to competing next year.”
L-K senior DECA member Haley Palmer said, “I had a great time at ICDC with all of the different cultures and countries in attendance. It was a great accomplishment and amazing experience to compete at ICDC for the first time. Senior Karlee Bynum echoed the sentiment when she replied, “ICDC was so much fun! I loved getting to meet people from different states and countries. It was funny hearing some of the questions that people from the north asked. My favorite question we were asked was, “Do you guys have WiFi in Texas?”’ Other questions asked were, “Do you drive tractors or ride horses to school?” and “You only have two cities in Texas and it is that big?” 
Although none of the eight L-K DECA members were named in the top 20 in the world, three earned Certificates of Excellence. 
Competitors scoring a combined total score of 70% or better on the competitive event components earn the certificate. 
Earning a certificate of Excellence were Kayla Romer, Karlee Bynum, and Kassi Blum. Junior Kayla Romer summed up her ICDC experience by saying, “Competing at ICDC was an amazing experience for me. I can’t wait until next year to compete again.” 

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