L-K Board of Trustees votes to spend $300K on campus improvements

Linden-Kildare Board of Trustees voted to spend $300,000 on repairs and improvements after a lengthy two hour special maintenance meeting. 
The funds will come from the fund balance and this amount equates to approximately 25% of that balance. 
The fund balance is money left over from previous budget years or has been set aside for projects or emergencies. 
The funds will be used for much needed campus improvements such as heating and air conditioning work, fencing, concession stand repair and other needed improvements. 
“We said we would call this meeting specifically to prioritize – Wayne [Kerr] went through and got some numbers and he put a report together,” said L-K Superintendent Keri Winters. 
L-K CISD Maintenance Supervisor Wayne Kerr presented a maintenance report on the different needs of the campuses with the approximate cost.
Kerr spoke about heater and air conditioning issues across all campuses. 
Kerr reported that in the past school year that the district spent $53,911.22 on heating and air conditioner repair. 
“I am working on air conditioning and heat at the elementary campus more than anywhere and the reason why is we have 35 to 40 year old units,” said Kerr. 
Kerr reported that in the past school year that the district spent $53,911.22 on heating and air conditioner repair. 
“Just since Sept. 1,  out of my supplies line of my budget I have spent $11,000 and almost $5,000 of that has went toward air conditioner work alone, just parts,” said Kerr. 
Kerr reported that he was doing all of the air conditioning labor now and it is not being contracted out. 
The school board also discussed the stadium fencing and the concession stand at the high school campus and plan to use these funds for both projects. 
Kerr presented bids for the replacement of the fencing with two different gauges of fencing along with stronger post. 
“These two quotes are quoted with 2 3/8 materials for the post and that is a lot better that what is there and it will be galvanized,” said Kerr. 
Kerr also reported that he had recently installed sixteen solar powered lights around the campuses. 
He also spoke about how they removed the barbed wire on the fencing at the high school, removed loose unsightly wires around the campuses and removed the old light and conduit at the field house. 

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