• Special guest speaker, Belinda Kimbeng, social worker for Focused Care at Linden speaking at Lions Club meeting.

Guest speaker Kimbeng shares her story

The Linden Lions Club held their regularly scheduled meeting at noon, on Thursday, June 27, at County Seat Restaurant. President Lion Richard Bowden was absent, and Lion Lucinda Trahan presided over the meeting. Lion Paul Ellinger led the group in prayer. 
This week’s special guests were Courtenay DeLorme-Bradshaw and Belinda Kimbeng, of Focused Care. DeLorme-Bradshaw serves as the Regional Director of Marketing. Kimbeng serves as the social worker for Focused Care at Linden. 
Kimbeng, guest speaker for Thursday’s meeting, vivaciously shared much of her interesting life with the Lions Club members. Originally from Cameroon, a country in Central West Africa, she speaks many different languages, including French. 
As a young girl, she was always a person people could confide in and trust. As an older student in college, she studied anthropology and sociology, with a special interest in geriatrics. 
Recalling memories of her youth, she told of the terrible child abuse, physical and sexual, involved in her country. With her country having no resources, she used this to help guide her specific studies. 
Bravely Kimbeng told of her mother committing suicide, and the effect it had on her, as well as her family. Her mother’s passing happened during her college years, and after University she took an incredible journey. Packing her luggage, she took off with the wind, going where the winds blew her. Landing in South Korea, and after spending two years there, she decided South Korea was not where she wanted to be. 
Packing her bags once again, ending up in Michigan, staying with a friend for a bit before finally arriving in Dallas. Kimbeng went to Google to apply for social work jobs and came across Focused Care at Linden. Excited about the opportunity to interview, being three hours away and not knowing how to drive, she took to the streets of Dallas to get her drivers education. Drivers license in hand, she left and headed to Linden. Upon meeting Belinda, with her bubbly personality, Focused Care knew she was the right fit for them. 
Kimbeng stated, “where there is a will, there is a way. Linden is the best place, and everybody is so nice and friendly.” She plans to stay in the United States for many years and eventually take all of her experience back to Cameroon and apply what she learned to better the lives of her home country.
In other business, The Lions Club gave a donation to the Veterans Salute program. An announcement was made for the upcoming Heavy Clean Up Day for Linden. This will be a specific day where old sofas and other large items can be disposed of properly and helps to reduce illegal dumping. Taking place in the City Yard, it will occur again in approximately six months. Specific dates are to be determined and announced at a later date.
Lion Lucinda Trahan closed the meeting with the ringing of the bell. The next Lions Club meeting will occur on Thursday, July 4, at County Seat Café in Linden at noon. 

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