• John Steger and daughter Khia

Don’t be a bully, be a friend

Twelve-year-old Khia Steger from Atlanta Middle School decided when she was nine that she wanted to write and help others through her life experiences. Khia, a 7th grader, and when school starts back up in the fall, hopes to someday go to college and become a published children’s book author.
It appears that Steger is already on her way because she is already a straight A student, and has received two calls from Faith Publishing and Page Publishing interested in printing here books. Khai says she is most inspired by Carolyn Keene, Erin Hunter her father John Steger who helps with some of her illustrations and ideas. 
In her free-time Khia likes “reading, hanging out with my family and friends, playing video games, studying & fishing.” Khia has one sister Kamilyah Steger who is six years old and brother Kory Steger, three. 
The name of her book is “Don’t be a Bully be a Friend”. Khia’s interest began with “me and my dad making up bedtime stories for my younger brother and sister and it leads from there.”  Khaia says that Sarah was her favorite character in her stories, “because she was the first character. I created my second favorite character I named after my little sister Kamilyah because everyone needs that stuff. I’m not taking anything off anyone and kamilyah is it.”   
“I know I’m just a kid but I hope to inspire others to take a stand against bullying, and I also talk to kids that are being bullied letting them know that there not alone I don’t get myself into any trouble but I do help by taking them away from the situation. I know how it feels to be picked on. It makes you feel low, so I’ve come up with a four-step rule 1. Walk away because most of the time a bully is just doing it to embarrass you in front of others. 2. If it continues to happen tell a friend, parent or a teacher. 3 hang around friends because hanging with others sometimes helps. 4. Tell the bully to stop, and yell it as loud as you can stand up for yourself.”
“The stories I write about comes from firsthand experience. I had a problem with a bully until I stood up for myself, and I also see it at school so that’s why I decided to write about bullying, but I just didn’t want to write about the subject without doing any research and talking to people who are victims of Bullying. The stories I heard were really heartbreaking… Some come from kids I attend school with and others were people my parents knew from school that were also victims of Bullying,” says Khia.
“Some dropped out of school to avoid the bully and some just skipped certain classes. The reason why I chose to do a Bullying story for preschoolers is because maybe if we start at a young age teaching them that Bullying is wrong it might make a difference,” continued Khai.                                                   “I also have another story another story I’m working on about helping kids deal with death, I lost my grandmother a few days before my 11th birthday and that was really hard for me to deal with especially on my birthday,” says Khai.
“And with me being the oldest of three kids, I had to be strong for them but I had my moments, so I wrote a story about a young boy losing his grandmother and how hard it was for him to get through it. It teaches kids that it’ll be hard but and you’ll never forget them but it’ll get easier to deal with, and they’ll always be with you in your heart. The reason I started writing was to express myself and hopefully at the end of the day I’ll be able to help that one person,” Khai explained.

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