City of Linden acquires property for new water tower

Linden City Council approved the acquisition of property from Cass County for a new water tower by the Cass County Jail and Cass County Law Enforcement and Justice building. 
Linden Mayor Clarence Burns explained the reasoning at the monthly Dec. 11 meeting to the council.
“The property is between the justice center and the jail, sort of in the middle, right now we have a water storage tank which the city had a 99 year lease on, when we started looking for site for a overhead storage tank it became apparent if we put it beside the ground storage tank it would make sense,” said Mayor Burns. 
“We had a discussion with the county about acquiring the quarter acre and we decided we should go ahead and acquire both pieces of property and put it in the city’s name so it would be there,” said Mayor Burns. 
Cass County is donating the tracts of land to the City of Linden.
The council rescinded a previous action on a siren contract due to the original bid by contractors did not meet specifications by the state.
The council approved a new contract on a siren which did meet the specifications of the state.
The siren was from mitigation from a 2015 FEMA grant project in the amount of 43,250. 
During the Linden Economic Development (LEDC) update Linden Mayor Burns announced that Total Highway Maintenance purchased the property from the LEDC. 
The building and land was sold for $175,000 which was giving them $67,000 credit for improvement as which was in the lease agreement according to Councilman Frank Lanier.  
The Mayor provided the update due to LEDC Director Gus Gustafson being absent. 

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