Cass County Park Supervisor voices issues with county commissioners

Cass County Park Supervisor Aderice Sinyard spoke to the county commissioners about possible changes to the rules of the park as well as a few needs they have. 
“Got a few things to rules I would like to change, seems like some of the park guest seem to have a tendency not to be able to read the ten mile per hour sign and I would like to include that in our handout.’
Sinyard spoke about an issue with children driving golf carts around the park. 
“Also we have an issue of golf carts being driven by small children, we had some kids driving a golf cart with other children in the cart – this could be very dangerous,” said Sinyard. 
Sinyard also spoke about adding drugs to the list of banned things the park due to her suspicions. 
“I would like the drugs added to the no display of alcohol – of course the drugs may not be so public as the alcohol but if it can be detected that you are using drugs in the park or selling – which I had one case that I suspected that,” said Sinyard. 
Sinyard spoke about request from campers for ice which could be sold for a profit. 
“We have had numerous request from out campers that we have ice at the park, for people who fish they need a way of preserving the fish while you are camping,” said Sinyard. 
Sinyard contacted an ice company for a price and reported that they could make a profit from the selling of ice especially due to the closest gas station being over five miles away. 
She spoke of the request for reservations of camping spots which the county does not allow as this time. 
“If you are coming from Oklahoma, Lousiana or somewhere you don’t want to get all the way out here to the park and find that you don’t have a spot,’ said Sinyard. 
Sinyard recommended that they take reservations no further than a month ahead and they must pay ahead without refunding money if they do not show. 
She also spoke about the need for playground equipment. 
“Most of our playground equipment has gotten ruined or is not usable, our swings have rusted chains on them, we have seats that can be used so if we could buy chain we could refurbish the swings,” said Sinyard. 
She spoke about other playground equipment that could be purchased to attract families to the park. 
Sinyard mentioned that she purchased a basketball goal with her own funds for the park and someone donated a tetherball. 
She also mentioned an issue with people washing off gravel and mud in the park showers. 
Before Sinyard spoke to the Cass County Commissioners Court, County Auditor Tammy Wells wanted to bring to the courts attention how much money has been spent on the park in the past 15 years. 
“I just wanted to make the court aware of how much tax payer money is going towards the county park, I understand that there are a lot of people that enjoy the park and I think it’s great.’
“We need to be aware of how much taxpayer’s money is going to provide this service,” said Wells. 
Wells presented paperwork that represented 15 years of transfers of funds to subsidize the Cass County Park that amounted to $202,712.91. 

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