Cass County Commissioners Court votes to join NERMA

The Cass County Commissioners Court voted to join the Northeast Regional Mobility Authority (NERMA) at the last commissioner’s court of the year. 
There were only two commissioners Jon Borseth and Paul Cothren along with Judge Becky Wilbanks at the Dec. 19 court session. 
The vote to join was 2 to 1 with Commissioner Borseth voting against. 
NERMA is an independent government agency which was created to accelerate the development of transportation projects within North East Texas. 
Atlanta Mayor Travis Ransom spoke before the court at the previous week in favor of joining NERMA. 
Baker Bledsoe, a concerned citizen of Cass County, spoke out against the joining the NERMA before the vote was taken to join. 
“I did a small amount of research on this particular project and from what I understand this has something to do with toll roads,” said Bledsoe.
“I also understand that there are different types of toll roads that you can participate in, to my understanding we have three or four of those in Cass County right now.”
“You don’t even know it’s a toll road because there is just a strip across the road that is a counter, if you drive across that counter they send it to the state of Texas and the state pay whoever owns it and they pay them back that way.”
“I may not have all my facts correct on that but I don’t see any significant value to Cass County to be involved especially since you have to pay $3,000 to participate,” said Bledsoe. 
Commissioner Paul Cothren spoke his opinion and thanked Bledsoe for voicing his opinion. 
“I appreciate Mr. Bledsoe for sharing with us and doing research on it, what my concern would be is if we are not in it we are on the menu and they will run over us and not give us any say and that has been my concern,” said Commissioner Cothren. 

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